ChIP grade antibodies

Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) is a technique to study the associations of proteins with the specific genomic regions in intact cells. One of the most important steps of this protocol is the immunoprecipitation of targeted protein using the antibody specifically recognizing it. The quality of antibodies used in ChIP is essential for the success of the experiment. Diagenode offers extensively validated ChIP-grade antibodies, confirmed for their specificity, and high level of performance in ChIP. Each batch is validated, and batch-specific data are available on the website.

ChIP results obtained with the antibody directed against H3K4me3 (Cat. No. C15410003). 

Our aim at Diagenode is to offer the largest collection of highly specific ChIP-grade antibodies. We add new antibodies monthly. Find your ChIP-grade antibody in the list below and check more information about tested applications, extensive validation data, and product information.