ChIP-seq grade antibodies

Unparalleled ChIP-Seq results with the most rigorously validated antibodies

Diagenode provides leading solutions for epigenetic research. Because ChIP-seq is a widely-used technique, we validate our antibodies in ChIP and ChIP-seq experiments (in addition to conventional methods like Western blot, Dot blot, ELISA, and immunofluorescence) to provide the highest quality antibody. We standardize our validation and production to guarantee high product quality without technical bias. Diagenode guarantees ChIP-seq grade antibody performance under our suggested conditions

ChIP-seq profile of active (H3K4me3 and H3K36me3) and inactive (H3K27me3) marks using Diagenode antibodies.

ChIP was performed on sheared chromatin from 100,000 K562 cells using iDeal ChIP-seq kit for Histones (cat. No. C01010051) with 1 µg of the Diagenode antibodies against H3K27me3 (cat. No. C15410195) and H3K4me3 (cat. No. C15410003), and 0.5 µg of the antibody against H3K36me3 (cat. No. C15410192). The IP'd DNA was subsequently analysed on an Illumina Genome Analyzer. Library preparation, cluster generation and sequencing were performed according to the manufacturer's instructions. The 36 bp tags were aligned to the human genome using the ELAND algorithm. The figure shows the signal distribution along the complete sequence of human chromosome 3, a zoomin to a 10 Mb region and a further zoomin to a 1.5 Mb region.

Diagenode’s highly validated antibodies:

 Highly sensitive and specific

 Cost-effective (requires less antibody per reaction)

 Batch-specific data is available on the website

 Expert technical support

 Sample sizes available

 100% satisfaction guarantee