Azure Spot 影像分析軟體

AzureSpot helps you interpret your data easily and accurately. Analyze your gels and blots in either manual or automatic modes.

AzureSpot can automatically detect lanes and bands, even on distorted gels, and apply your selected method of background correction.

Visualize intensity plots by lane (sample) and channel (probe) to get detailed information about your proteins of interest.

The integrated tutorial helps you get the most information out of your analyses. Generate a PDF report of your experiment when you are done. You can also export your data in many formats to other applications (e.g. Excel) for further analysis.

AzureSpot can

 Perform 1D densitometry

 Automatically detect lanes and bands

 Correct for background

 Calculate molecular weights

 Quantify fluorescent signals

 Annotate your results

 Visualize multiplex analyses

 Export reports

Product Features

 Integrated tutorial

 PDF report generator

 Lane creation tools

 Molecular size/pI calibration

 Quantity calibration toolbox

 Module for easy shape selection/deselection

 Wide range of data fields to display in measurements

 Annotation tools for comments and highlighting of image