Kit and Reagents


Diagenode’s epigenetic reagents include:

 DNA methylation kits and antibodies - Validated NGS-compatible kits for MeDIP, MBD pull-down,

      whole genome bisulfite sequencing, and reduced representation bisulfite sequencing. Official provider

      for the original clone for 5-mC 33D3.

 ChIP and ChIP-seq kits for industry-leading specificity and sensitivity - MicroChIP/MicroPlex Kit for ChIP

      -seq with only 10,000 cells and the iDeal ChIP-seq Kits optimized for both transcription factors and

      histones. Our kits feature full reagents for ChIP-seq including control primers, control antibodies,

      magnetics beads, and purification reagents.

 Library preparation kits tailored for your specific requirements. The MicroPlex Library Preparation Kit

      simplifies library preparation requiring only 3 simple steps and allowing inputs of only 50 pg. 



Diagenode offers full and validated solutions for every step of your epigenetics sample preparation, making epigenetics research easy, accessible, and reliable. Beside our complete kit solutions please find here below an exhaustive list of all high quality reagents realated to your epigenetics research.


> Chromatin function

> DNA methylation

> DNA/RNA purification

> Exosomes

> DNA/RNA library preparation

> Protein Extraction

> Proteins

> Beads and accessories

> Fixation reagents

> Primer pairs

> Inhibitors

> Enzymes


> Nucleotides

> Plasmids