SG Cap™ materials were selected for lowest background



 SolB™ captures a broad spectrumof molecule sizes.

      After harsh washing and pipet tip scraping, SolB™

      remains adhered to plates and morphology remains



 ctivity of captured molecules is maintained for more than

      6 months. First commercial use for some SolB™

      components was as a preservative.

 SolB™ micro-spots can be applied to various substrates

       - Surfaces : Slide, well plate, pipet tip

       - Materials : Glass, plastic, metal

SG Cap™ Technolongy

A Unique Multiplex Solution For Your IVD Needs

SG Cap™ captures and immobilizes any molecule, making it possible to study its activity. Whether the target is a small molecule or a whole cell, it can be captured without the use of affinity tags, anchors, or modifications. The target’s native structure is preserved, leaving all active sites available to study.

Advantages of SG Cap™

SG Cap™ is a silicate monomer formula that undergoes the sol-gel process to become a highly porous gel. The pores within the gel are connected to each other by larger channels. Samples flow through the channels and specific molecules are captured within the pores, where they float freely in their native conformations. This process makes it possible to immobilize and study a molecule from all angles. Non-specific material easily washes away via the channels, substantially reducing the signal-to- noise ratio.

The porous 3D structure of the gel also significantly increases load capacity while the interconnecting channels reduce diffusion distances compared to competing two-dimensional systems. The format ensures a high level of interactions between molecules. SG Cap™ is a highly enabling and flexible immobilization method with unparalleled sensitivity and specificity thresholds.

96-well plate view of SG Cap™ protein chip with SolBTM spots

A single 3D spots can immobilize 5 ug of protein in their native conformations

Large channels allow easy sample flow-thru sith low background

Open “cage” formation allow easy access to capture compounds

High sensitivity

High Specificity

Multiplex diagnosis

Convenient and durable multiplex diagnostic chip